Why “Gratitude Practice” Is Not Just an Obnoxious Instagram Buzzphrase

I know, I know, you’ve seen all of those social media posts on gratitude, the ones where people highlight the “little things in life” and with all the flowery language about how life gets tough but there’s really so much to be thankful for. And I know that around this time of year (Thanksgiving in […]

Very Much the Same, But Different: A Second Trip into Postpartum Mood Disorder

When you’ve already been through a postpartum mood disorder, it can feel a little premeditative to prepare to go through it with subsequent births. As if by entertaining the possibility of anxiety or depression symptoms popping up again will actually cause them to. Are there really symptoms there, or are you just ultra-alert to what […]

Mom Sub Plans

Dear Substitute Mom,   Thank you for covering for me today and WELCOME!!  By offering to cover my duties caring for a small child (i.e. the Client) and household for a day, you have volunteered for one of the most REWARDING jobs out there!  In fact, I guarantee you will be thoroughly exhausted by how […]