The Happiest Year:Happiness and Age (an Interview With My Extraordinary Neighbor)

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been. -David Bowie What would you tell your younger self about happiness?  Or someone younger than you?  What advice or perspective have you sought out from someone older than you? I felt the warmth generating from my neighbor Anita as soon […]

The Happiest Year: Interview with My Acupuncturist Friend!

“Hey girl, would you say that Chinese Medicine meshes well with environmentalism?  Or incorporates elements like going outside/nature?” “Girl 100%.” This was the start of my text conversation for this blog post with my dear friend Sharon Jeong, L. AC., of Restore Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.  While thinking of a possible blog post interview, which have […]

The Happiest Year’s Month of Movement: What I Learned When I Quit “Working Out”

I think it’s safe to say our world’s current health crisis derailed many of our plans for the month of March, including my focus on how exercise influences happiness and mental health (safe to say, and I think we all know…it DOES, and positively). What I was able to continue focusing on throughout my own […]

The Happiest Year: My College Roommate Quit Law to Pursue Her Passion in Italy

(Note: All responses to my bolded questions below are the words of Mary Tharin) Me, working on my passion but also #momlife Imagine this: After graduating from one of the US’s top universities, young woman moves to Washington DC to work in journalism and blogging. Being the driven person she is, she decides to pursue […]

The Happiest Year: My Conversation with A Professional Organizer

There is a multitude of evidence that clutter is detrimental to our happiness and well-being (see here and here for examples) and a well-known statistic that, as long as our basic human needs are met, an increase in material goods do not positively correlate with an increase in happiness. I know I am always on the road […]