Hi, I’m Kayla.  I am a teacher, mama, music/musical lover, cat fanatic, fitness experimenter, and french fry junkie.  I’m born and raised in California, the Northern part, and I now live in the Southern-most part.  I live in a mid-century, fully renovated house that I designed, with my husband and two year old daughter.  I enjoy craft beer, flowers, and the color blue.

I created this space after having my daughter as a creative outlet for myself.  I felt like I had lost myself to motherhood, and I wanted to find out who I was again with this new huge role I had to play.  What has evolved is a space where I hope to encourage and empower other women, especially new mamas, to become the best versions of themselves.  The idea behind Though She Be But Little is that though we are all just tiny drops in this big pool of life, our ripple can be pretty darn fierce if we nurture!

Come, read along!  I’ll be talking some home and fashion, real motherhood, adventuring with a growing family, and women’s mental health issues.  I hope you find something that resonates with you!