The Happiest Year

A couple of years ago, after I felt mostly recovered from postpartum depression after my daughter’s birth, I walked into my therapist’s office with one goal in mind.

“I’d just like you to help me live my happiest life. Can you do that?”

This request may seem like a big one, and it is, but it makes mores sense if you know that my therapist specializes in positive psychology and literally helping people achieve their happiest lives. I wouldn’t have had such a tall order if I didn’t know he could fill it.

This question prompted me to think of the changes I could make in my life outside of the one hour of therapy I get each week. Whattv red could I focus on on my own??

While things like a second pregnancy and birth of my son have delayed my process, I am still thirsting to dig into what it really means to be happy, and I’d like take you guys on my journey.

Welcome to The Happiest Year.

Here’s how it works:

This year, in 2020, I’ll spend each month focused on a new theme related to happiness. I’ll research and share with you what the “experts” and science says about how these themes affect our happiness, including some fun collabs with other professionals. I’ll engage in monthly projects related to these themes to discover how they might help boost my own happiness. I’ll explore some products that fit each theme. And then I’ll share the results with YOU!

  • Here are the themes I’ll be focusing on each month this year:
    • January ~ Clearing, Cleansing, Organization
      February ~ Passions, Self-Love, Love
      March ~ Movement, Exercise
      April ~ Our Earth, Outdoors, Nature
      May ~ Mental Health
      June ~ Aging, Identity
      July ~ Community, Friendship
      August ~ Play
      September ~ Simplify, Money
      October ~ Children, Parenting
      November ~ Gratitude
      December ~ Traditions, Family, Celebration

    As with anything in this crazy parenting journey, these themes are subject to change, but I am SO excited to share what I find with you all, and hoping to see some significant improvements to my own personal happiness levels.

    I’d also like to take some time here to set an intention for this year, which is, coincidentally, to be more intentional.

    Toward the end of last year, I realized I had been getting caught up in “The ‘Gram Game.” I’ve never hid the fact that I started my blog and public social media accounts with the partial goal of eventually monetizing them, and that’s still a goal, really. But what I care more about is the quality of my content and helping people with it, and I think I veered away from that a little. I started focusing more on growth numbers, and that’s not where I find meaning, at all. Plus, it was taking time away from my family.

    So this year, I’d like to bring intention to my life. Intention in my interactions with my kids, with you all, and with my other loved ones. Intention with the content I create. Intention with the products I buy and share. Intention in the way I approach each day.

    I think The Happiest Year will definitely help bring me back to the original intention I had with this blog and my IG account. I hope you find some value in what you find either here or there!

    Ok, are you ready?? Come jump into your happiest life with me!

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