Making Room for Rest Throughout Your Day

(This blog post includes my review of clothing sent to me from Pink Blush. All opinions are my own.)

Are you a multi-tasker? Do you find yourself pausing throughout your day, thinking of what else you can get done with that moment of unplanned space here or there? The phone call you can make on the way to pick up the kids. Whether or not you have time to stop by the mailbox before gymnastics. Waking up at 4:30 just to squeeze in treadmill time (while reading for that work training you have).

I know, personally, that I feel guilty if not every minute of my day is dedicated to productivity in some way. Credit this feeling of perpetual panic at the thought of idleness to modern motherhood, or maybe to modern life in general, where our to do lists are way too long, but it can get pretty exhausting to be constantly occupied.

If there is one thing that anxiety has taught me, it’s that leaving room in our day for pause or rest is just as important as checking off those To Do boxes. Taking a moment to do nothing, or something restful that you thoroughly enjoy, or even fully engaging in ONE task at a time can promote a more mindful approach to the day and help calm our ever-cluttered minds.

“But I haven’t time for nothing,” you’re probably muttering to me in your head. (Or maybe out loud, I’m not judging that you’re talking to a screen, mama).

I would argue that we ALL have a minute or two to put the least important tasks on our lists aside while we squeeze in some intentional restorative practices. Would you like to see some of the ways I build rest into my day? Read on!

Wake up before your family

This can be a challenge when you’re up late packing school lunches or with a newborn waking several times per night. I am also an early riser and come from a family of early risers. But even on my exhausted days, I NEVER regret waking up just a half hour before my child wakes. There’s nothing like that quiet time in the morning, when even the chirp of the birds outside seems to be hushed, where you can gather your thoughts completely unbothered. I try as often as possible to use this time for a mindful meditation, which you can learn more about here.

Immerse Yourself In Mealtimes

How often do you find yourself rushing through meals, or even taking them on the go, because you have to be somewhere or do something else? I know I’m guilty! When I am home from work on holidays, I always try to have a snack with my daughter while she is eating breakfast (I’ve already had my breakfast hours earlier) and to sit down to our lunches together. Sitting down and enjoying our food encourages good digestion, recharging, and we often have fun conversations over our food! Our table sits right by a large slider to our backyard, so if I am at a loss for words I invite her to join me in observing what’s happening outside.

Read Actual Print

My husband likes to tell me he reads because he spends time on the internet on his phone in the evenings. Sure, this may be the physical act of reading, but there’s something magically different about tuning into some real life print on some real life pages once in a while. If you have a kid, taking a minute to sit, read, and comment on a picture book with him or her can be a great mindfulness moment. If no kids, read a chapter of a new or favorite book of your own. Escaping for those few minutes into another world can be just the refresher you need!

Utilize Nap Time…For Rest!

I know those precious couple of hours when our kids are asleep can feel like the perfect time to get things done, and it is…sometimes! As I’ve found more value in using unplanned time during my day for relaxation, I’ve allowed myself to use at least part of nap time to do something I really enjoy that is perhaps not “useful”. Sometimes this is exercise (because I like to exercise), but sometimes it is watching an episode from a current favorite TV series (any fellow Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fans out there??), and sometimes it is taking my own nap! Mostly, I want to enforce that it’s OKAY to not use every minute of nap time to get more done. Those tasks will still be there for tomorrow’s nap time, and maybe today you need a little less “to do”.

Evening Pause

This moment of my days has required a bit more planning than the other few mentioned in this post. Much like we engage our children in bedtime rituals that relax them in preparation for slumber, it can be just as important to perform our own evening routines that relax us and wrap up our day. What this looks like in my household is an agreement with my husband to swap shower/bath times. He likes to take a shower when he gets home to wash away the work day, while I prefer a hot bath to warm me up before bed. I often include calming essential oils like this lavender oil and my favorite face mask as a part of my personal self-care in the bath. It can be hard to find these moments in the hub bub of the bedtime hustle, but I believe they are so so important in preparing our own bodies for a restful slumber!

I find my body especially craving rest during pregnancy, and I try to listen to it as often as possible. It helps to have something comfy to grow into as my body accommodates this growing little one, which is exactly where Pink Blush comes in!

Maternity jumpsuit and rompers are a difficult thing to come by, but they are my favorite articles of clothing to wear when not pregnant. I was tickled when Pink Blush sent me this sweet romper, and even more thrilled when I tried it on and discovered how comfortable it is, with plenty of room to grow that bump and still be comfortable! Pink Blush has, by far, the biggest online selection of maternity wear I’ve found. You can find their maternity selection here, and, specifically, some beautiful maternity rompers and jumpsuits here!

Head to to check out more of their incredible non-maternity AND baby bump friendly clothing items!

While you do that, you’ll find me here dressed in the best, finding those pockets in my day for rest and rejuvenation. I suspect Lu and baby boy are happy to join me…will you?

How could you make time for pause in your day??

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