Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

I’m not going to lie, my husband and I went a little overboard on our daughter’s gifts last Christmas. It was the first holiday that she was actually aware of anything, she was just starting to show interest in specific things (read: TOY STORY)…and we may have bought ALL THE THINGS!

We also have the fortunate problem of very generous family members who love to spoil our child. As a result, our sweetheart has LOTS of wonderful toys, so many that she sometimes doesn’t even look at some of them for months.

This holiday season, I am aiming to be more intentional with gifts for my daughter. I have picked out just a few things I think will be meaningful to her, or that she has expressed interest in. I have also kept sustainability and ethics in mind, and focused on finding more handmade items.

So read on for my tops picks for holiday gifts for toddler or preschool girls, separated into three categories: Big Ticket, Side Gifts, Stocking Stuffers! Beside each item I have listed where I have found the item at the best price, whether I anticipate any Black Friday sale for the store or shop, and any other tips I’ve found when purchasing them. I hope you find something your little one will love!

The Big Ticket Items

1. Morgan Cycle Retro Scooter: I found this darling scooter while searching “retro push scooter” online. While I have found it on Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond, it is currently on sale at the manufacturer’s website. Bed Bath and Beyond will also be having 20% off for Black Friday and frequently sends 20% off coupons in the mail.

2. Moover Wooden Doll Pram: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT purchase this pram from the manufacturer’s website!  In fact, you can’t purchase it from there. I’ve linked it here simply to show you where you can easily find it online. To purchase in the US, you’ll need to find a toy shop that carries them. To find a very similar model at nearly a quarter of the original price, look no further than your local HomeGoods.  I saw this pram on someone else’s IG feed last year and basically went hunting for it a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, HomeGoods does not have online ordering, but if you are willing to be a diligent shopper and want to score this baby at such a discounted price like I did, I would recommend checking back with your local store on a weekly basis.

3. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen:  Alright, this kitchen will NOT be under our tree this year…but it was last year!  I am including it here because it is the perfect little kitchen for any 1-4 year old child, and I wanted to tell you how I scored this bad boy for almost 1/2 it’s normal price last year!   I purchased this kitchen, which comes in several different colors, from Target during the holidays last year.  If you have the Target app and pay attention to it, you will find that Target frequently has 25% off ALL TOYS during this season.  I also noticed that they intermittently have 25% off of specific brands of toys…and you can combine sales!  Last year, I was able to score this kitchen on a day where all toys were 25% off and where specifically KidKraft toys were also 25% off.  Finally, if you ever make bundle purchases at Target, they often offer money back in the form of Target gift cards.  I saved a couple of these from diaper purchases in the past and was able to save even more on my purchase!  If you’ve been searching for a kitchen for your little chef, I’ll cross my fingers that Target delivers the deals again this year!

Side Gifts

1.  Melissa and Doug Natural Wooden Building Blocks:  Lu has had Duplo blocks for a while, but I’ve been itching to get her some simple wooden building blocks.  I’ve learned from my teacher training that it’s awesome to have a variety of building materials available to little ones to help develop their spatial awareness and STEM skills.  These are Melissa and Doug, but you can find similar blocks at many different places.  And if you want to save, keep an eye out at Target for specific Melissa and Doug sale days!

2.  Wooden Train Track:  Similarly to blocks, I think every little person could use a sweet and simple wooden train track in their toy repertoire!  This one is from a random website I found by searching “wooden train track” called Best Choice Products, but it is currently more than 50% off!

3.  Handmade Doll (not pictured):  Lu has tons of babies, but I thought it would be so sweet to place a lovingly handmade baby doll in the little wooden pram (I’m a sucker for “package” gifts).  I’ll be ordering a sweet heirloom doll from Lavender and Linen.  Bonus: you can find mix and match clothing for the doll you choose on their website!

4.  Books: I ALWAYS encourage books for holidays (must be the teacher in me)! There are some sweet, classically illustrated books out there these days, mostly all available on Amazon.  I also like to check in the book sections of our local Marshall’s or HomeGoods, where you can often find good books for a fraction of their normal price.

Stocking Stuffers

1. Wooden Toy Camera(not pictured): Lu has recently expressed interest in what I’m doing when I photograph her, so I thought I would spark her imagination a bit with her very own wooden play camera. I purchased an adorable purple floral wooden camera from Flora and Peg. Purple is the name of the game these days for my girl, and I’m so thrilled with the quality of the product they sent! According to their website, turnaround time is 3 weeks, so I would order now to ensure delivery by Christmas!

2. Natural Drawing Supplies: if you’ve followed along with us on IG for a while, you know Lu is my little artist. She loves any type of art material or project, so I’ll definitely be including some drawing material refills in her gifts this year!

3. Handmade Bows: I’ll be topping L’s stocking off with some sweet little trimmings of her own from Elle Belle Baby! Brandi’s bows are so well-made, and the clips are reversible so you can switch them! I know she’ll be having several sales before Christmas, but if you miss one, you can use code ELLEBELLEFF to save still!

So there you have it, folks! I’ve really put a lot of thought into curating this little collection of meaningful gifts for my own little one…I hope you can find something that speaks to you, and a good deal or two!

Happy Holidays!

(PLEASE NOTE: All photos in this post were retrieved from the product websites)


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