Simple Pleasures

 Some see a weed.  Some see a wish. -Anonymous


My family spent Memorial Day weekend as I’m sure many of your families did: splashing in a (somewhat frigid) pool, sucking down hot dogs and guacamole, laughing at little ones enjoying themselves.  On Monday, a bonus day off, I stayed home with my husband and daughter, and it was the sweetest day.  We didn’t do anything big or exciting, just spent some intentional time at home with our little wildflower, but that’s exactly what made it so nice.

Our simple day got me thinking about how children can recast the little pleasures in life in a new warm glow.  How they open your heart to appreciating those in-between moments, the ones you might miss if you’re too focused on which big event is happening next.  Like Miss Lucy here enjoying her rare but simple delicacy.  I have found that careful attention to these pleasures has become a big part of my gratitude practice, progress toward mental health, and genuine fulfillment with life.



Below, you will find a list of simple things that I take pleasure in.  A day full of any number of these bad boys can fill my cup to the brim!

  1. Succulents
  2. The smell of coffee
  3. Sentimental mugs
  4. A cool, consistent breeze
  5. Lavendar
  6. The sunlight in my daughter’s hair
  7. Blowing bubbles for children
  8. Prosecco
  9. Having nowhere to go and a long lunch to enjoy
  10. A record on
  11. A task completed
  12. Cafe lights at night
  13. Eating meals al fresco
  14. Good pasta
  15. Tomatoes from the vine
  16. Our fruit trees producing
  17. Rediscovering classic picture books
  18. Leaves swaying in the sun
  19. Sunset
  20. Sunrise
  21. Berries
  22. Clean sheets
  23. The sound of numerous birds in our backyard
  24. An open screen door
  25. Cream in my coffee
  26. “Mama”
  27. Brunch
  28. Fresh flowers from my own garden
  29. Brie
  30. A new paperback

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, but you get the point.  Noticing these tiny details in our daily lives, writing them down in a journal or just intentionally commenting on them to yourself or another, helps make you aware that life is so, so full.  Every day.  I want Lucy to be aware of this and to feel the richness life has to offer if you recognize it.

If I am feeling down or like I’m drowning in the mundane, incorporating more of the small things I love into my day can sometimes change my mood around quickly, and I’ve found that some things I find luxurious are so simple to keep around to indulge in.  For example, a small bite of dark chocolate or rich brie cheese can remind me of the good things in life in just a few bites.

So, what small things do you find immense pleasure in?  What would you choose to fill your perfect simple day with, or what easy things do you turn to to lift you up when you need it?  Share the wealth in my comments!

1 Comment

  1. I love this! What a great reminder to just take and breathe in those simplicity moments!
    I have to agree with your list! I also love the smell of the top of my children’s heads after playing in the warm sun, a good sit down to journal, feeling the earth underneath my feet when I go out barefoot.


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