While I am pretty flexible in general and have an adventurous side, I am also like most humans and thrive on routine.  I eat the exact same thing for breakfast each day, have to work out at the same time or I just won’t, and rely on the same schedule each day at work to stay organized.  I have especially come to love the routines my husband and I have established for weekend outings.  I call these outings Saturdates (or sometimes Sundates…see there I go, super adventurous).

At least one day per weekend, my little family wakes up, gets ready, and leaves our house by 10.  Where are we headed?  Treasure hunting!  When planning our wedding, I wanted to achieve a sweet vintage look without breaking the bank, so we would go to our local swap meet to look for old jars, hankies, and floral table cloths.   After the big day we just continued our little hunt and gather because we had come to truly enjoy it.

I used to disdain the “flea market”, thinking that it was just a bunch of old dirty junk.  While this is true a lot of the time, if you train your eye just so, you will find that junk dappled with lovely little treasures.  What a metaphor for life, huh?  Train your eye to see the beauty amid the trash when the trash gets thick…

I digress.  I’ve come to really appreciate the atmosphere of the swap meet:  the ocean air, sun, hustle and bustle, and the smell of fried food floating through the air makes for a unique sensory experience.  Some of the treasures we hunt for at the swap meet are: milk glass, records (we so hipster), mid-century furniture, and my ultimate favorite…blue mason jars.  Something about the perfect blue color of old glass catches my eye and you will find them scattered throughout our home.  I love the concept of owning a piece of history, and also of curbing waste by purchasing pre-owned goods.

After the swap meet, we always stop by our favorite Vietnamese pho shop in San Diego.  My husband has been obsessed with OB Noodle House from the moment we tried it years ago.  They have a laid-back atmosphere, extensive beer list, and the best pho I’ve tasted in town.  We now typically go to their newer venue, Bar 1502, because it is slightly less crowded and has most of the same menu options.

(Funny story: When I was pregnant, I couldn’t stand the smell of OB Noodle House.  It made me gag just to walk into the place.  But I knew my husband loved it so much, so I would just hold my breath and bear it.  It took me a few months after giving birth to be able to enjoy going there again!)


I love our little weekend tradition, and I can’t wait to make more memories as we find routines we enjoy doing with our child.  Do you have any weekend routines?

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