More Than a Hop-Skip


It has been quiet on the blog front over here due to our house being inundated with various illnesses (I write this as a barfy baby FINALLY sleeps in the other room).  During my absence, my mother stayed with us for a week.  It is always a treat when my mom is here.  There is none of that frustration families sometimes experience when being under the same roof, and I am never anxious for her to leave.  My mother is a caretaker at heart and is so incredibly helpful while she’s here, on top of being very easy going, fun to sight-see around San Diego with, and, of course, my best audience when I need to talk.  Lucy loves her “Bon”.

Very important morning reading time with Bon.

We live about a 12 hour drive from where I grew up, where my immediate family still lives, and I am beginning to realize that is something I’ll never get used to.  I used to go “home” on every school break and I still try to, though that is more difficult with a child.  Luckily, since Lucy was born my parents have made it here more often to visit and my mom has managed to come down at least every two months.  We are privileged that we have the funds to be able to travel one way or the other this often…but it is still not enough.

I miss my parents, my siblings, my wonderful grandma, my nephews and nieces.  I miss the little things, like meeting a sister at Target to browse the new Hearth and Hand Collection, walking through glorious Bidwell Park on a dewy Fall morning (more on that later), getting a burger with the family on a Friday night, the last minute “can you watch my kid for 40 minutes so I can get a coffee and not lose my sanity please” moments.  These little things are the moments that are absent from a life when the people who know and love you the best are absent, and though they be but little, they are deafening (see what I did there???).

I also miss my home.  I’ve mentioned before being homesick for the weather, but Chico, CA, near where I grew up, is absolutely my happy place.  It’s small enough to be full of local business glory, but big enough to include all the necessities.  The topography is magnificently me, big trees and old houses abound, and there’s something magical about walking streets you know your generations past have.  I can’t wait to spend a few days there for Thanksgiving!

This post isn’t meant to be a whining one, but an acknowledgement that sometimes adulthood leads you away from things that you love in order to introduce more things that you love.  I’m blessed to have married into a wonderful family that I can be truly comfortable with and that loves my little girl so ferociously well.  Lucy stays with my in-laws full-time while I work, and knowing she has a second home like that with people who love her like I do while I take care of business, well, that is a gift I can never repay, my friends.


So for now my family and I will bridge the gap between us with phone calls, FaceTime, emails, and more frequent visits.  Thankfully we live in a time when technology can help a little with the sting of distance.  And we’ll squeeze each other and all of our little things into the few days we get together, filling our buckets up until the next visit comes.  Let’s hope it’s sooner than we think.

Do you live far from people/places you love?  How do you bridge the gap?

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