Finding Fall: Part II

DSC_0495 (2)

I wrote last week on the difficulty of getting in the Fall spirit when you live in a mostly sunny, hot-as-hell-until-December environment where you can wear flip-flops year-round.  I grew up in a small town in Northern California where the tree-lined streets are overwhelmed with piles of yellow leaves come Autumn, and I miss observing the change of seasons in this way.  However, my recent trips to Julian, CA have enlightened me to the fact that some amazing color-changing trees exist right up the road, and the increased frequency of our trips there this year have helped ring in the season.


Also helping in feeling more Fall-ish this year: a new family hobby.  We’ve gone camping 3 out of the last 5 weekends, all close to Julian, and though I’m stilling unsure about sleeping on the ground, I’ve been thrilled to witness the trees up there changing colors little by little.  This past weekend we were at Lake Cuyamaca in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  There were some brilliant yellow leaves on the trees there (if you look real hard in these pictures you can see them peeking in the background), and the weather had a bit more of a bite to it than we see down here in San Diego.  It was nice to feel cold!

DSC_0524 (2)

DSC_0508 (2)

The lake was lovely at night as the sun set, and there is fishing, boats to rent, and some ducks and geese to delight the little ones.  It’s also just so nice to disconnect and do nothing really but sit with our Mother Earth in peace.  To breathe some unsullied air.  We had a delicious breakfast on the patio overlooking the lake, and though the sun was beating down on us by the end, the initial cool breezy morning was amazing.  Don’t mind Lucy’s shiner, she has bad luck when it comes to trekking through dirt and rocks (read: no fear).

One more reflection on this mid-Autumn day:  there happens to be two little maple trees at our next door neighbor’s house that change red this time of year.  On a recent walk, Lucy, at 15 months, pointed excitedly to the freshly scarlet leaves and exclaimed “WOW!”  She clearly recognized the difference in the leaves compared to their usual greenness, and saw the magic in the way nature works.  Another every day miracle highlighted by Miss Lucy Francesca ♥.

Do you like to go camping?  Any cool spots local to Southern California?

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