Babies and Brews



Just a mom and her porter. And camera.

Transitioning to parenthood meant for us, and I’m hoping some others, a sharp transition into “real” adulthood.  Sure, my husband and I have held career-type jobs for some time, we’ve owned two houses, and we paid all of our bills.  But until you have a tiny human to care for, you take for granted all of the THINGS you can do.  You can go to the gym or workout whenever you want!  You can hike up that somewhat dangerous mountain without worrying about someone else’s bodily injuries!  You can eat at any restaurant at any time for any length of time without interruption!  You can go to the grocery store unencumbered!  You can GO OUT!!

And oh, how we loved going out.  Most weekends, you could find us at some of the local San Diego bars or dining out with friends and hanging out at their houses until the wee hours of the morning, or having Sunday brunch and taking afternoon naps.  We are social, and we liked to be busy with these types of activities.

Well, having a child can throw a giant wrench in your social life because, believe it or not, they do not allow babies in bars.  It surprised me how much I began to miss going out in the early months of having Lucy (I thought I was better than that darn bar scene!) and we have still only gone out at night a handful of times when gracious grandparents are willing, but we have since found another happy place where babies are allowed that fulfills our desire to socialize while (responsibly) consuming tasty fermented beverages: breweries!

San Diego is a craft beer mecca, and while we have frequented the scene here for some time, this scene has become imperative to helping us feel like the young people we still are despite having offspring and wanting to be in bed by 9.  We can bring Lucy along to most breweries here (some do not allow minors), and many have open spaces where she can wander around while we run after her with IIPA or porter in hand.  Two of our favorite spaces to do this are:

  • Helix Brewing Company– Helix is located in La Mesa, CA in an old warehouse-type building.  It has a lovely patio area with a variety of seating options and plenty of space for kiddos to run around.  There are always families gathered here enjoying a band or specialty food truck.  Plus, they make GOOD beer!  This has become our go-too spot on weekdays for a quick trip because it is near our house and Lucy loves herself a mean game of cornhole.
  • Alpine Beer Company Tasting Room– Located in woodsy Alpine, CA, Alpine Beer Company took over an old store to create their original restaurant.  When the restaurant moved, the old spot got a makeover and is now their rugged lumberjack-themed tasting room.  It offers a great outdoor patio space with different levels, fun events, and a variety of tasty beers.  We love bingo night here!

There are many, many other breweries and tasting rooms to sample from in San Diego and its surrounding areas.  These are just two of our current favorites because of their proximity to us, open spaces for a busy toddler, and delicious brews.  What are some of yours?

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