Let’s Begin At the End

Hi, I’m Kayla.  I am a teacher, mama, music/musical lover, cat fanatic, fitness experimenter, and french fry junkie.  I’m born and raised in California, the Northern part, and I now live in the Southern-most part.  I live in a house that I renovated, with my husband and one year old daughter (and our cat).  I think the most important thing is spending time with the people you love.  I enjoy craft beer, flowers, and the color blue…  I could go on, but what a silly, flimsy-feeling introduction.  It seems like there is so much more to say if I want people to really know who I am.  But you can’t really know someone in one paragraph, can you?  That’s where this blog comes in.


My job as a teacher allows me big chunks of time off- a perk that has never been lost on me, but that I appreciate even more since having my daughter, Lucy, last year.  Our second summer “chunk” has just come to an end this week and it was a good one.  Lucy and I spent some time at San Diego attractions, some time at home, and some time out of state.  We took long walks wherever we were and napped together in the summer heat.  We found new things (zoo exhibits, splash pads, friends) and reveled in old (routines, cities, family).  She turned one whole year old while I laugh-cried and willed her to slow down.  We soaked the season up, and watched it fly by all the same.

A teacher’s year doesn’t flow from January to December like other adults’ might.  Our year begins in later summer and follows those seasons we are all familiar with as children:  Fall is for new beginning, fresh starts, and reflection; Winter is really settling in to this year’s roles; Spring is next with hard work and the nitty gritty; and then…sweet Summer!  Joy-filled, free, buoyant Summer!  As my summer comes to a close, my reflections have brought me the conclusion that I need to nurture a creative part of me that has been dormant a looooooong time.

I have wanted to start a blog for a while, but didn’t out of fear.  Who would read it?  What do I even have to say?  Why would anyone think MY blog was important?  But in thinking of how I might fuel my creative fires, writing was this nagging ember in my mind.  I’ve always felt more like a “jack of all trades, master of none” type of person, without particular talent or passion for other creative outlets.  Except writing.  Writing always sang to me.  When people asked me as a little girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say, without hesitation, “An author.”  I thought maybe it’s time to give that little girl her pen (okay, keyboard) back.

So the purpose of this blog is manifold.  I’d like to explore a part of me that I feel has been itching to get out for some time.  I’m sure it will be a journey and this blog (and myself) will evolve in the process and I hope to learn more about both.  If on the way I can connect with, inspire, or help any other human running this crazy race…well, then, that’s all I can ask for!  Who knows, maybe it will be you ♥.


  1. If you ever need a guest writer- holler.
    I have never started a blog for the reasons you’ve mentioned. Who would read it? My life is pretty boring, but man, I love writing. Always have.

    Lucy- slow down. All the kids. Ava. Lucy. Noah. Just stop. Toddlerhood is fun, and it brings out a part of me that I didn’t even know I had. The child part of me comes out to play. For moments out of the day I forget I’m a 31 year old adult, who works too many hours, whose hairy legs have been neglected for WEEKS..because who has time? And, most importantly, my child who is saying, “mama! sit!” will ALWAYS come first. I guess the mom in me who was “one and done” maybe might be reevaluating all that…

    Please post on facebook when you write. I’ll be following. ❤


    1. Haha I wondered if you would re-evaluate that one! I agree, they all need to stop growing! Thanks for the support, girl…my life is pretty boring too but I decided it doesn’t matter to me if anyone reads, really (though it’s nice). It’s for me! If you love writing you should go out and do what you love, too!


  2. Oh what joy! I loved reading your unravelings and so proud of you being brave to do so! It brought joy and comfort to me knowing it’s bringing you joy! Nothing but positive! Good luck 😉


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